Dinner Menu

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Filipino Board

Vegetable springrolls,pork springrolls, Lechon (crispy fried belly of pork)

with garlic chilli vinegar dip ,sweet chilli sauce, atchara salad

all served wiith a basket of warm crusty bread

Fish Board

Fish goujon in ale batter, calamari, scampi, fish cakes,

mushy peas, tartare sauce, bread and butter,

served with a bucket of chips

Mexican Board

Chicken fajitas, nachos topped with chilli con carne and cheese,

Guacamole,tomato salsa.sour cream,

Salad with jalapenos and tortilla


(v) Homemade soup and roll £3.50

Duck and Orange Pate  £5.50

(V) Goat's Cheese with pine nuts & rocket salad £4.95/£8.95

Pritong Pakpak - Spicy Chicken Wings with sweet chilli sauce  £4.50

Lumpiang Shanghai - Pork spring rolls  £4.95

(V) Lumpiang Gulay - Vegetable spring rolls  £4.95


Filipino Mains

Tortang Talong - chargrilled aubergine omelette filled with sauteed pork served with salad and steamed rice £12.50

(V) Tortang Talong - filled with sauteed vegetables with salad and steamed rice £11.50

Pork Adobo - Slow cooked belly of pork marinated in soy sauce, cane vinegar, garlic, peppercorns, served with atchara (pickled vegetables) served with steamed rice £11.95

Crispy Pata - Deep fried pork hock served with garlic rice, salad and atchara £12.95

Beef Caldereta - Beef in a spicy tomato sauce with chorizo, olives, potato and peppers £12.95

(V) Ginisang munggo sauteed mungbeans with spinach, aubergine, rice £11.50

(V) Pansit Bihon - Stir fried vegetables and rice noodles £9.95

Pansit Bihon - Chicken, stir fried vegetables and rice noodles £12.50

Chicken Curry - Diced chicken, vegetables in ginger, chilli, coconut curry sauce served with rice £12.95

Tori Kuwayaki flour coated crispy fried chicken glazed with  spicy teriyaki sauce served with Japanese fried rice £14.50

Seabass  pan fried  in chilli ,ginger,gin served with swet potato mash  £14.95

Salmon teriyaki pan roasted salmon in teriyaki sauce ,stir fried vegetables and japanese fried rice £14.50

Tapsilog pan fried Sirloin slices marinated in lemon and soy sauce served with  eggs and garlic fried rice





English Mains

Cod - in tiger ale batter served with tartare sauce, mushy peas and chips £11.95

Virgins Burger - Grilled ground chuck steak on brioche bun, with emmental cheese, mayonnaise, gherkins,

salad served with onion rings and french fries £10.50

8oz Ribeye Steak - Grilled 21 day Scottish steak served with thick cut chips, grilled tomato and salad £17.95

With a choice of garlic herb butter, blue cheese butter, peppercorn or shallot and mushroom sauce.



Thick cut chips, steamed rice £3.00
Cajun spiced potato skins with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, house salad, onion rings £3.50
Crusty bread, extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar £1.50


All sausages 100% pork and burgers 100% beef handmade using quality lean beef. Steaks are 21 day matured English beef . Meat supplied by Berkswell Traditional meats .The only accredited traditional breeds meat marketing butcher.